Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tour Article Number Five - Kanneliya

This article  is about Kanneliya,  a forest reserve in southern Sri Lanka. This forest corridor once has been linked with Sinharaja rain forest but has aparted later. This forest was named as a forest reserve in the year 1934 by no 8262 gazette paper. This forest which owns about 5305 hectares is categorized as a secondary forest.  Those who visit should first come to Labuduwa, Galle. The start point can be reached by a vehicle after travelling about 14 km and tickets are issued at the entrance. After that you can walk into the forest with a guide and you have to pay a reasonable amount to forest department for that.  The payment for the guide will be changed according to the route that you choose. Here are the different routes that you can choose.
Cave Trail - 1.5 km distance within  01-hour period of time.
Ella Trail - 2.3 km distance within 03-hour period of time.
Giant Puswela Trail - 2.3 km distance within  03-hour period of time.
Giant navan̆dagasa Trail - 5.2 km distance within 03-hour period of time.
Naran Trail - 5.2 km distance within 06-hour period of time.
Kabbalē mountain trail - 5.5 km distance within 06-hour period of time.

In 2005, when I travel the fees of  Guidance for the routes having maximum three hours of period and  maximum distance of 2.3 kilometers was  250 rupees per. Fees for every other routes Rs.500 of  minimum fee was charged. In addition, the prize of the ticket was Rs, 30..
The forest has been named a “Man and Biosphere Reserve “by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Conservation. The forest consists of  5108.2 hectares of closed forest , 168.4  hectares of open forest and 29.3 hectares of cultivated forest. once there has been a pine cultivation for use as timber and also timber had been taken for made of thin wood timber, But now such things are prohibited legally.

It is said that the ground is consists of Khondalite rocks which is mixed with Charnockite rocks. In this forest, large number of endemic plants and animals can be seen. But if you want to see animals and birds, you have to behave yourself without making noise. Okay, now let’s move on to our  itinerary into the forest.

On our way to the entrance of the forest from Labuduwa, we saw a cultivation of oil palm  which is used to extract oil. This plant belongs to the Palm category. Though the tree looks like Palmyra palm tree, the sprig of fruit look different  Fruits are much smaller than the palm fruit.

Soon after entering from the main gate, we were able to see a Lizard. After observing it we walked little bit slowly because one of our fellow member was unable to walk fast because he had faced to a operation. Then we come to the cave and it was scary to enter the cave because of the darkness of the inside. It was said that once the cave was a kingdom of bats and by the time we visit bat population had been decreased by a considerable amount. After visiting the cave, we went to see the Giant “Puswala“ . On our way we observed “Gondiwa” plant and large number of “Bandura” plants which is the famous Parasitic plant. Also we were able to see the vine called “Gonikee vela” whis is medicine plant. The guide explained that the “Gonike vela “ is medicine for the pain of the body and people who are beaten by the police are given the boiled water of “Gonike vela”

The  Giant “Puswala” has a great history. It is said that the giant “Puswala” was there from 500 years. The stem has divided into two parts at the beginning.Now a large area has owned by the vine. If observed well, several ending points of the vine can be noticed.
Palmyra palm tree

Palmyra palm tree
Kangaroo Lizard

Inside the Cave

Inside the cave



When we travel passing the giant “ Puswala” , we saw a Green Vine Snake considered as poisonous bit  sitting on bushes. I should mention here there is mithe telling that this creature jump to eye when it see someone. The guide acted immediately and caught the creature so that we can observe it. We asked him that isn’t this creature is toxic and he said now they have got used to it. Also he showed us  toxic plants called “  Maha Badulla”, “ Kaha Badulla” and “ Kabara Badulla”. He explained that if we touch those plants that area will be subjected to ulcer. He said the even walking under “ Kabara BAdulla “ plant is dangerous. Also he introduced us the five types of “ Keena” plants called “ Domba Keena” , “Guru Keena” , “ Walu Keena” “ Batu Keena” and “Napath Keena”. Meanwhile, a snake called “ Haldanda” was creeped fast from “Miwana” plant. 

Kabara Badulla
Kaha Badulla
Maha Badulla
Green Vine Snake

Ella was there to look out anagimala. Got to know the unknown story about the coming season Venivel plant. It's Venivel plants in two different male and female as clearly different between the two species that pollinate take place should be near the two plants. It was the Navy to see the plants and the offspring only once. See śākayakut Dorana amputate destruction was once alive sidurakut trigger the ad made a big oil. The Dorana oil, creating safety and shiny temples Art hear that or get natural. See if Ella ekakoṭa there anagimala fatigue disappeared News in our mind.  

We left that place to visit the “Anagimala” Ella. On our way we saw “ Weniwal” plant and heared a story that we hadn’t heard before that the “Weniwal” plants have two separate species for male and female. To pollination process two species of male and female should grow close by. Also we saw a “Naav” plant which offspring only once per life time. A died “Derana” tree was found with a big hole which had been used to extract oil. This “Derana” oil had used for painting works at temples to make the surface of the painting shine and for protection of art. When we reach “Anagimala” Ella our weariness was disappeared  

Dead Dorana Tree
Anagimala Falls
Anagimala Falls
Anagimala Falls
Anagimala Falls
Anagimala Falls from the top
For the rest
Nau Tree
Venival Female tree
Venival Male tree

Though it is possible to climb to the top of the “Anagimala” Ella during dry season it is very dangerous to try the same in rainy season. We climbed the waterfall to half way and came back because of our hunger. So we ate some biscuits with Banana at the bottom of waterfall. It was interesting to see that a crab was ran after catching a piece of Banana that we threw and we were curious what it is going to do next. Then I caught a prawn so that those who haven’t seen a one can observe it. But I didn’t kill it.

The tiny streams starts in this forest  creates “ Kanneli Ela” , “ Nannekitha Ela “ and “ Udugama Ela” which  feed “Gin Ganga” . Also the “ Hulandawa Ela” which flows through the reservation feed the “Nilwala Ganga”. We saw the largest “MIwana” plant in the Sri Lanka in this forest.

We were able to enjoy the tour a lot because we didn’t use alcohol or cigarettes. Also we didn’t harm the nature. You can also visit this forest and enjoy it. But do not destroy it and preserve it for future generation.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Tour Article Number Sixty Three - Nipponzan Peace Pagoda - Ampara

Nipponzan Peace Pagoda is one of the most peaceful and beautiful temple located in Ampara which is famous among people and a recommended place to visit.
In 1885-1985 time, there was a monk called Nichidatsu Fuji who was the founder of Npponzan Myohoji Buddhist order. And later when he met Mahathma Ghandhi in 1931, he started a project to spread the peace in whole world. It was started by building peace pagoda in 1947. It was build according to the  mahayana Buddhist culture with Stupa, Bo tree and image house. By 2000, 80 peace pagoda have been built  all over the world. In our small country, we have four Peace pagoda located in Ampara, Galle, Adam’s peak and Walapane area.
27th of February, 1988 was the opening date of Amara peace pagoda. The  Ampara peace pagoda is bordered to Ampara tank from one side. If you  try to reach this place from Ampara  you have to travel 3km along the Ampara - Inginiyagala Road. There is a straight pathway to Stupa from the entrance of the temple. But we have to be careful while travelling along this path because wild elephants cross the road. Wild elephants are a common scene in this area because they come to tank for drinking water. So we must behave ourselves  without disturbing to their life.
In the evening time there is a sermon and after that a Japanese monk distributes sweets.Therefore this place is very famous among children in Ampara area .The  building structure of the temple together with the peaceful environment of the area create a beautiful image and if you want to relax your mind, then this is a great place for that.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Nothing is Impossiable if you have right tools

After some time because of the final exams here I am again on blogging. First of all i must say this article was created because I saw one video. That gets tears in my eyes. But when I saw that i feel and my mind remind me that the words I have always says. That is "Nothing Is Impossible If You Have Right Tools". In this words I have always used to say because it gave me the strength to to do everything what I have gain. First I would like to share that video. I think most of people may have seen it. But the words that they are saying must understand and the words that they do not use is also.

Most of my friends know that the term that I had used. What is it? This is the question. The term is only one sentence with a particular meaning. But do you ever try to understand it and do you try to use it? Then the answer will be NO. Why? Because you will never try to use them beyond your rules and regulation.

Now I must say most of you will Stop reading this because this is useless and waste of time. But if you are interested let me continue this.

Now, considering above problems I have great experiences with them. when I tell this term to my friends they were always ask what is that. I'm just said try to understand with your self. Then after they will ask what is this we can't understand. Same will say by you. that because you do not try to understand.

Now let me explain little by little. Fist the term says "Nothing is impossible". That is just like it says. Everything is possible. But in here conditions were applied as "If you have right tools". So for everything is possible we had to have right tools. so it is easy.

Then you will ask me another question. Like you now thought.That is "what are the tools?". Good question.


Simply I can say that tools are the things which makes easy your works. Here is the Definition of tools. "A device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function."

so tools can made by your self to get easier your woks. so to do something just you have to make your own tools and get work done. So after that you can say that Nothing Is Impossible If You Have Right Tools. For that you just need the knowledge to make tools only. So never tell that the things cannot be done. If it is because of your laziness.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Astronomical onbservation campaign in FAS

Faculty of Applied Sciences in South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, I do not have a chance to speak about it recently. Because of works and studies. Now here is a program conducted by me for the faculty. this is only a try to show stars to the Sciences Students. Astronomy is a vast subject than we thought. in that case i have decided to conduct a astronomical observation campaign. As a one undergraduate I cant do it alone. because our universities need verification for the programs. So I have decided to work with Students Union in Faculty of Applied Sciences.
I hope there will be hundreds of people but unfortunately there are nearly 80 people only. For astronomical observation we cant choose a date. we have to get a date that we have clear sky. So thinking about that point we choose 18th of July, 2013 at 4.30pm as our program date and time. I expect to invite Astronomer Dayasiri Perera as chief guest and conduct a lecture about Astronomy. But unfortunately he is unable to come here because of he was busy.
But Me and my crew who is in Astronomical Association was came here and conduct the program and we were listen to the questions they had. After the observation they ask questions about the things they have ever wanted to ask. and we try to answer all the questions as much as possible according to our knowledge. We are lucky to observe Moon and Saturn. But Venus was gone in that time because of the trees. Without any economical profit we conduct this because of the faculty was the my studying place. Here some Astronomical photographs I have taken from my sony W-570 camera.

I like to thank for the ameture astronomer Anura Bandara. And also thank to the Mr. Senevirathna, Mr Darshana Tharanga and Mr. Chaminda k. Ganegedara. This program is conducted to give some knowledge about the things we can not see on our naked eye. I wanted to tell you that there are things beyond us. try to observe them.

Here some photographs I have captured.


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tour Article Number Forty Five - Athamala Ella Falls

This waterfall was  feet in height. There was an amazing story behind this name. Once upon a time this path across the river was an elephant path. So and so on one day one giant elephant was fallen down from the falls and came death. so since that day this falls is called "Athamala Ella". It means tha falls caused death to the elephant.

To visit this place we can use two subways. one is Pitabaddara - Siyambalagoda road and other one is Nilella Estate road. But those two ways join before 3km to the falls. This waterfalls creating by giant water stream in the Nilwalla river. and also creating vapory environment near the falls and big pond also. from through the small hole we can come closer to the falls. but I must say climbing waterfall is too dangerous.

Top of the falls is another way around. we can use another way to come to the top. there was old power house. but that was cast aside and now there is only ruins. First villagers create the power house to take electricity to the village. but then the responsibility goes to the provincial council. then they did it for few years. after that villagers got electricity my other ways. then powerhouse was cast aside.

anyways this area was amazing place to visit. Sound of birds and falling water creates amazing natural music to our naked ear and it will charm our minds.

Photos i have taken....