Friday, 5 September 2014

Tour Article Number Sixty Three - Nipponzan Peace Pagoda - Ampara

Nipponzan Peace Pagoda is one of the most peaceful and beautiful temple located in Ampara which is famous among people and a recommended place to visit.
In 1885-1985 time, there was a monk called Nichidatsu Fuji who was the founder of Npponzan Myohoji Buddhist order. And later when he met Mahathma Ghandhi in 1931, he started a project to spread the peace in whole world. It was started by building peace pagoda in 1947. It was build according to the  mahayana Buddhist culture with Stupa, Bo tree and image house. By 2000, 80 peace pagoda have been built  all over the world. In our small country, we have four Peace pagoda located in Ampara, Galle, Adam’s peak and Walapane area.
27th of February, 1988 was the opening date of Amara peace pagoda. The  Ampara peace pagoda is bordered to Ampara tank from one side. If you  try to reach this place from Ampara  you have to travel 3km along the Ampara - Inginiyagala Road. There is a straight pathway to Stupa from the entrance of the temple. But we have to be careful while travelling along this path because wild elephants cross the road. Wild elephants are a common scene in this area because they come to tank for drinking water. So we must behave ourselves  without disturbing to their life.
In the evening time there is a sermon and after that a Japanese monk distributes sweets.Therefore this place is very famous among children in Ampara area .The  building structure of the temple together with the peaceful environment of the area create a beautiful image and if you want to relax your mind, then this is a great place for that.

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